Why we started FiberFly

Like many of you, we LOVE living in the country, but were frustrated with the limited internet options available to us. In 2020 we decided to change that and began a 14 month journey from concept to reality. We are proud to offer reliable, affordable, high speed wireless broadband connectivity to a large portion of Ellis county. Since we operate our business and our home on the same wireless service that we provide to you, you can rest assured that we'll always be both personally and professionally motivated to fix any problems as expeditiously as possible.

FiberFly is a local, family owned and operated wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) based out of Waxahachie. We operate a 'Lite ISP' which allows us to focus more money into the network infrastructure. Our mission is to provide the best possible service to others who, like us, don't want to choose between living where they love, and living where they can obtain internet.

What is a 'Lite ISP'?

A Lite ISP has several differences from a classic ISP. We operate with no physical office, minimal staffing, and electronically delivered billing and service notices. By minimizing our physical costs, we can focus resources into providing the best possible equipment and service to you. For non-billing support items we offer email and phone support. Our support technicians typically operate as our network engineers and installers, so a phone call will most often be greeted with a voice mail prompt. This allows our technicians to focus on a problems resolution, and then provide a callback with the resolution. Billing is primarily done electronically via email, and includes a payment portal for submitting one time or recurring payments. We do have a physical PO Box for individuals wanting to pay via check.

Our service areas include Waxahachie, Reagor Springs, Ike, Palmer, Nash, Five Points and many others between I-35 and US-287 south of Lake Waxahachie.

I don’t see your service offered in my area

We collaborate with individuals and local businesses to identify areas which need coverage and work to setup infrastructure to support the demand. If we can't get a clear signal to your location now, we'll add your address to our future planning and development list and contact you if service becomes available in your area.

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